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Mme. Silvia Incerti – Mr. Walter Vadacca - Depuis l'Italie (elle parle aussi francais)


Dear Mr Kien,

just a few words to express our sincere appreciation for the organization of our trip to Vietnam.

We have enjoyed very much the visit to your country. We have been assisted by professional a serious people. All our guides ( except for one who was not up to his job) have been extremely cooperative and kind. Especially the one that took us from Hoi An to Danang… he was absolutely above standard!

Finally we have appreciated the free extension stay in Ho Chi Min Hotel due to late departure of our flight.

Since in a non too far future we will need to organize out visit to North Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, we will contact you.

Warmest regards

Silvia Incerti – Walter Vadacca

Email : 


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