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Northern Portion


Hanoï is considered as the most beautiful city of Vietnam and the South East Asia. Hanoi is in the middle of the delta of the Red River, having a thousand years of history, this city is very original by the mixture of the values : traditional and modern, spiritual and material. By visiting Restored sword lake, the temple of Literature, Tran Quoc pagoda and West lake, we will understand the spiritual life of Hanoï people. The colonial quarter fascinates us by beautiful villas with semi-colonial architecture. The old quarter gives us the most complete notions of the capital daily life.

Halong Bay
Recognized World heritage by UNESCO for twice in 1994 and 2000. An excursion by boat in the middle of thousands islands and small islands or one night on the boat will be an unforgettable memory during our trip. A stay in Cat Ba, the largest island of Halong bay is a good opportunity to relax, to discover the authentic life of the local inhabitants and to immerse in wild nature.


Tam Coc, Kenh Ga and Phat Diem
120 km to the South of Hanoi,Tam Coc, a complex of limestone mountains in the middle of rice fields, an excursion by sampan through the three caves in the middle of the fairy nature of “Terrestrial Halong Bay” will give us a chance to take beautiful pictures.
Kenh Ga, close to Tam Coc, but we don’t find any trace of mass tourism.
A floating village, far from the modern life, in the middle of the picturesque landscapes will engrave in your memory the images of an authentic area.

Phat Diem: the cathedral with architecture of a pagoda, made by ironwood and stone, constructed at the end of 19th century, plays the role of a religious center, but it also makes us admire the talent of the Vietnamese craftsmen.

Historical vestiges around Hanoi
Having a thousand years history, Hanoi is also the center of two principal religions: Mahayana Buddhism and Taoism. More than 600 pagodas and temples around Hanoi are the important evidences. The mixtures of the religious theories and the traditional belief exist in Perfumes Pagoda, Master pagoda, and But Thap Pagoda or in the oldest pagoda of Vietnam dating from the 03è sicècle : Dau Pagoda… a site not to be missed for somebody wants to have the major knowledge of Hanoi, Co Loa Citadel which will tell us the history of Vietnam, more than 2000 years ago.

The North-West
Hoa Binh - Mai Chau - Diên Biên Phu - Lai Chau - Sapa – Bac Ha - Yen Bai

The vast area surrounded by the limestone mountains whose Fansipan summit of 3143 m is considered as the roof of Indo-China. A large circuit of more than 1000 km, enables us to discover not only imposing nature, but also the treasure of the colorful cultures of the impressive ethnos groups which still carry out their ancestral lifestyles. While taking part in the multiethnic markets, home-stays at ethnic houses in full nature, we will have the impression to be the characters in a historical novel. Great sites not to be missed for the lovers of nature and of the most authentic cultures.

The North-East
Bac Can - Tuyen Quang - HaGiang - Cao Bang - Lang Son - Quang Ninh
In the North-East of Vietnam, the landscapes have a legendary beauty, particularly the mountains covered of vegetation. It seduce us not only by the fairy landscapes: Ban Gioc waterfall, the limestone pitons, terrace rice fields, palm fields, Halong Bay, but also by the original cultures of native people. They are the ethnos groups from different origins who are the owners of these mountainous regions, settled following multiple waves of migrations coming from the South of China, seeking their new life, many centuries ago.

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