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Visa - Customs and immigration - Prohibited Material
  • Visa
    The visa for tourist is obligatory and paying, it valids one month. Your passport must be valid in theory 6 months after the expired date of your visa, it is provided with 2 recent identity photos. Areca Travel is responsible to make the arrangement of visa for who travel with us. Then, we need the informations of your passport as below: 
    - Name and first name
    - Sex
    - Current Nationality
    - Passport number
    - Date of birth
    - Delivery date of your passport
    - Expired date of your passport
    - Arrival date in Vietnam  
    - Country where you wish to get your visa  
    Upon receiving all these informations, we will send them to the Immigrations  Department of Vietnam to ask for the authorization.
    - After 05 working days, they will give us the authorization and a copy will be sent to the embassy or the Consulate of Vietnam in the country where you wish to receive your visa.
    - We will send to you a copy of this authorization, and you will go to the embassy or the Consulate of Vietnam to obtain your visa according to the number of agreement given on the authorization, don’t forget to prepare 02 identity photos. Expenses for  the visa fee of the simple entry = 25 USD (Mot Lan) and 50 USD for the multiple entries one (Nhieu Lan).  
    Upon arrival visa :delivred only at 3 international airports : Noi Bai(Hanoi), Danang and Tan Son Nhat (Ho Chi Minh city)  

All information above is always provided to us in advance. You will obtain  your upon arrival visa at the airport, after paying the visa fee + 02 identity photos.       

If you wish only the visa. 
The total cost of this service is 25 USD/simple entry visa and 35 USD/multiple entries one. Please note that these prices do not include the expenses of visa fee which will have to be paid by you upon arrival.

  • Customs and immigration
    Upon your arrival in Vietnam, you must achieve the procedure of entry (white paper) and depart (blue paper). It is necessary that you preserve prudently these papers during the trip because there are frequently administrative monitorings at the residences.
    You must also make the customs statement in the yellow and white paper :
    • Cameras, recording equipments and other electronics components which  are not intended for the personal uses.
    • The jewels, objects out of gold and silver, the precious stones which are not intended  for the personal uses.
    • Currencies in liquid (paper money, metals and travel cheque) of more than 7 000 USD or in other currencies of equivalent value.
    • If the visitors bring video tapes, the customs service will keep them to control and will give you back.
    • Gold in quantity until the 300 grams.
    • The goods out of the standard applied for the luggage must be taxed.
    • Airport tax: The tax for the domestic flights from now on is included  in the price of the ticket.
    • At the exit of the country: the international airports Noi Bai (Hanoi), Tan Son Nhat (Ho Chi Minh city) = 14 USD
  • Immigration
    Vietnam shares the borders with Laos, Cambodia and China, there are several border posts to enter and leave. You can obtain upon arrival visa at three international airports.   
    - Hanoi: Noi Bai Airport 
    - Da Nang: Da Nang Airport
    - Ho Chi Minh city: Tan Son Nhat Airport 

- Terrestrial Way : the visa before entering is necessary, upon arrival visas are not available.
- The Northern, border with China
* Lao Cai (Lao Cai Province)
* Huu Nghi (Lang Son Province)
- The Central, border with Laos
* Cau Treo (Ha Tinh Province)
* Nam Can (Nghe An Province)
* Lao Bao (QuangTri Province)
- The Southern, border with Cambodia
* Tinh Bien (An Giang Province)
* Moc Bai (An Giang Province)

- Maritime Way : the visa before entering is necessary, upon arrival visas are not available.
* Vinh Xuong (An Giang Province)

  • Prohibited material
    Weapons, ammunition, explosives and fire products; detonators of any kind; the opium and all kinds of drug; toxic chemicals, hostile to the government or pornographic cultural products are prohibited.
    It is interdict to leave antiquities from Vietnam. If you buy recent earthenware and porcelains, but manufactured in the old style which are on sale in the souvenir shops, ask to the salesman an invoice and make specify above that the object does not have any cultural or historical value.
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