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Brief portrait

 In 1996, graduated from National University of Hanoi, quite at home in french, english and japanese, Hoang Trung Kien began his career by choosing the tourism. He has worked with passion in different positions : guide, logistic manager, sales & products manager. By the work, he established relations with all the people  who share with him the ardent love for the trade. 

 At the end of  2005, Areca Travel, a private company, was founded as an association of friends who have the same passions. Moreover, we are experts in the tour organization. We function under the international tourism licence of Hanoi’s Plan and Investment Bureau .          

 Areca Travel built for you an open atmosphere, provide you with all the   informations which meet your wishes of services and budgets. While travel with us, you will choose to discover the ways of life of our people, in respect of their cultures and traditions.

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