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Our offices

 Our registered office is in a building in the center of Hanoi, it is a complex of companies next to the international bank. Our offices in Hué, in Ho Chi Minh city, in Cambodia in Laos always  deserve our confidence :  to ensure the services of best quality.                                  
Our office in Hanoi is open from 08h00 to 18h00, Monday to Saturday. 

• Areca Travel Co, Ltd
Address: Suite 1205, Building N04, Tran Dang Ninh Street - Cau Giay District - Hanoi - Vietnam
Tel : + 84 4. 62 811 734     Fax: + 84.4. 62 811 864

Mobile : + 84 (0)903292076  
arecatravel@vnn.vn & info@arecatravel.com  
Web site:

• Our licence of tourism: 0102023303 delivered by Hanoi’s Plan and Investment Bureau    
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