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Services & Engagements

• Rapidity and effectiveness
You will receive the answers, the advices and informations of Areca Travel within 24 hour except for the weekend. For more specific requests and questions, we will forward to you the necessary time in order to satisfy them.    

• Detailed and complete programs
We seek to regularly update informations to work out our products unceasingly. After the years to make the studies, we propose the itineraries carrying the features characteristic of Areca Travel, it is the harmony between the cultural values and nature. Therefore, in the dimension of a program, we mention not only the historic sites, world heritages, the beautiful landscapes, but also the meetings of the ethnic groups, the discoveries of authentic nature and off the beaten track. Moreover, the itineraries are not  “the kamikazes”, we frequently alternate the visits with the relaxations: beach breaks, spare times for your rest after long ways. However, our proposals are not redacted with our subjectivity, we are always with your listenings to satisfy the maximum the specific requests: trekking tours,  bicycle tours, family tours with the babies, etc...

• Assured quality
Areca Travel engages a systematic step and a follow-up: quality of the advices, quality of the itineraries, the accompaniment, the organization, logistics, the various services, of food... are conceived to deserve your confidence and a durable development. We are sure that after the voyage organized by our agency, you will want to return in our beautiful country. 

• Compared prices
In the market of tourism, the competition is without mercy, our prices are calculated thoroughly and adapted to our quality criteria, are right and any surprise. By our effective connections with the partners, the services with the small care, we propose the most competitive tariffs and we are persuaded that the comments between our clients are the most equitable judges.   

• Responsibilities
W e even, received the very frank questions expressing prudences before going to a remote country, in spite of the indications in the guide-books. Actually, many travellers told us the bad memories of their previous travels. At Areca Travel, our philosophy as of the first step is the durable development. By several years of working in the tourism, in permanent contact with the cultures and the civilisations of the countries in the world, thanks to  the invaluable advices, we learned how to understand your expectations. Moreover, we do not miss any occasion to improve the products to guarantee the irreproachable quality of our services.

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